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Teaching Videos

Videos can be found on the "Biomechanics of Movement" channel on YouTube.

Figures and Equations

We are providing the following slides for you to use in your lectures. These slides are taken from the images in the Biomechanics of Movement textbook. The images in these slides are free to use for non-commercial purposes. You are welcome to modify the slides to best fit your course, but we request that you leave the watermarks intact and include image credits as described at Please refer to the figure captions and Image Credits section in the book for additional information. We want to make sure that proper credit is given; we have included this in the figure captions and Image Credits section of the book, but not all of this information is repeated in the slides. Note that the images on these slides are high resolution and can be enlarged as necessary.

Chapter 1: First Steps (PPTX, 9.0 MB)

Chapter 2: Walking (PPTX, 13.3 MB)

Chapter 3: Running (PPTX, 10.5 MB)

Chapter 4: Muscle Biology and Force (PPTX, 10.9 MB)

Chapter 5: Muscle Architecture and Dynamics (PPTX, 8.8 MB)

Chapter 6: Musculoskeletal Geometry (PPTX, 8.9 MB)

Chapter 7: Quantifying Movement (PPTX, 13.5 MB)

Chapter 8: Inverse Dynamics (PPTX, 5.9 MB)

Chapter 9: Muscle Force Optimization (PPTX, 9.1 MB)

Chapter 10: Muscle-Driven Simulation (PPTX, 8.8 MB)

Chapter 11: Muscle-Driven Walking (PPTX, 16.6 MB)

Chapter 12: Muscle-Driven Running (PPTX, 12.3 MB)

Chapter 13: Moving Forward (PPTX, 6.9 MB)

More resources will be posted here soon… stay tuned! 

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